Our Project

Orphans and vulnerable

The project funds both girls and boys who live in vulnerability environment and all are maasai. Most of the children  don’t go to school they go to take care of the cows and others stay at home  to help their parent in home activities, so they do not get their right to education.

Early childhood project

In 2016  we started a project for children with the name Natopiwo pre school. The project started with 36 children, at the small church and now it has over 100 children. The Purpose is to help small children who are supposed to go to school and their parent taking them to take care of cattles

Girls Project

Many maasai girls are denied education, so this  special project was created for the Maasai girls. The project started because we have seen lots  of the girls are suffering. For example they are denied education, their rights aren’t acknowledged, most of the girls are getting married instead of going to school.

Community Library

Officially open in 28th 2017 with purpose of helping the children who get support at MOP and the community as whose it has all books from primary to university and computers and internet. Now the children and community can access and books in our library

Community Empowerment

This project aim to empower women and vulnerable children (early pregnancy, illiteracy, school dropout, etc) to have their rights to access productive resources and social services in order to change their livelihood and reduce poverty in Monduli district through VICOBA and entrepreneurship


According to Save the Children there are more than two million orphaned or homeless children in Tanzania. Many of them become orphans when one or both of the parents die because of HIV/Aids and other diseases the child are left with nothing. 

How do we help them

We make sure they can go to school. And if they have no parents we find a foster family to take care of them. We provide food and health insurance so they can go to the hospital.Also we provide uniform, shoes , school fees books and other materials required

Our offer

  • address the Needs and rights of OVC’s and their families
  • provide psycho social, financial, medical education and material support to orphans and vulnerable children
  • Mobilizing community and government at all level
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