Children support

We pay school fees and health insurance for children’s and their family, we trained the girl’s health issue like menstruation period and giving them sanitary pads which seems to be a good project, many of them they can’t afford to by pads.

Capacity building

We do training every year for care givers and children’s concerning child right, women empowerment, child parenting and care, village community banking, and spiritual things


Vicoba Project

Vicoba is a micro-banking service for women. Each bank consists of around 30 persons who we educate and at they start each of them invest a small amount of money in the bank. They can borrow money and start small business. They have women shanga project.


  • Lack of fund, to support the children and running the projects
  • The number of children who needs support are still increased.
  • Fund for Natopiwo pre school class buildings
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