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There are many volunteering opportunities with Monduli juu orphan project. Contact us  and let us know what would you like to do and in which field you would like to serve.

 We welcome all individuals, non-profit organizations, churches, businesses and other entities to join hands with us to help support the orphans and vulnerable children  in our communities.  Contact us and let us know your heart’s desire.

MOP is a 100% volunteer based non-profit organization. We are a registered non-profit organization. As a donor-supported foundation, we are fully dependent on the generous gifts of our friends and partners to help out the girls in the most difficult time. If you’re interested in donating or fundraising for us, please Contact us for further information.

Monduli Juu rafiki campsite is the only campsite in Monduli which you can see a good view of four large mountain KILIMANJARO, Mount MERU, mount OLDONYO LENGAI(only active volcanic mountain in Africa) and mount KENYA. Help monduli juu orphans and vulnerable children by camping with us

Early child hood development studies began in  2016 with the name Natopiwo pre school. The project started with 36 children, at the small church and now has over 100 children. You can help Monduli juu Orphans project by supporting early child development   financially and school requirments  

You can support MOP by sponsoring a child and providing the child with tuition fees, food, clothing and other required needs by donating monthly or annually for a specific child

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