About MOP

Our mission

Empower orphans and vulnerable children by holistically meeting their physical, mental, psychological and spiritual needs with a special focus on education.​

Our vision

Educate the community in the value of children, children’s rights and help the children to identify their own potential for development in all aspects of life (physical, mental, psychological and spiritual).

Our Objective

The main objective of MOP Sponsorship project is  to support OVC,s and provide need in Education which involve  household  and member of the community through income regenerating schemes. 

Our story

 Education is the key Education is one of the cornerstones of Monduli Juu Orphans Project (MOP). Together with our sponsors we are able to support 210 young Massai girls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.


Jan erick & Hannah Nyman



Thomas Meiyan



Jacqueline Kiologwe

Project manager



Project Co ordinator

Thomas Meiyan is the director of MOP and he runs the project together with Jacqueline Kiologwe and Musa Kamaka. Thomas and Musa are a Massai´s but unlike many others, they got the chance to get  education. Many Massai´s still don’t understand the value of an education. The Massai´s traditionally don’t value education. they think the children can take care of the animals instead. You can see girls and boys, ten to twelve years old, who are at home taking care of animals instead of going to school. This is maybe one of our most difficult challenges, to change a very traditional and conservative culture. First they want to see the benefit of an education and know what that person has done with the education they got. So we need a lot of good examples

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